Missouri Indian Arts Law

Kathy worked with Representative Rocky Miller and others to try and protect both , American Indian cultures and crafts, along with trying to give the consumer protection against fake and fraudulent American Indian arts and craft purchases.

SS SCS HB 1832 -

All Arts and Crafts claiming to be made by American Indian's must be from a Federally recognized American Indian. The Missouri Law that Kathy helped get passed follows-

407.315. 1. As used in this section, the following terms mean:

2 (1) "American Indian", a person who is a citizen or enrolled member of an

3 American Indian tribe;

4 (2) "American Indian tribe", any Indian tribe federally recognized by the Bureau

5 of Indian Affairs of the United States Department of the Interior;

6 (3) "Authentic American Indian art or craft", any article of American Indian style,

7 make, origin, or design that was made wholly or in part by American Indian labor and

8 workmanship including, but not limited to, any Kachina doll, rosette, necklace, choker,

9 barrette, hair tie, medallion, pin, pendant, bolo tie, belt, belt buckle, cuff links, tie clasp,

10 tie bar, ring, earring, purse , blanke t, shawl, moccasin, drum, or pottery or any visual or

11 performing arts or literature;

12 (4) "Imitation American Indian art or craft", any basic article purporting to be of

13 American Indian style, make, origin, or de sign that was not made by American Indian

14 labor and workmanship;

15 (5) "Merchant", any person engaged in the sale to the public ofimitationAmerican

16 Indian art or craft or authentic American Indian art or craft.

17 2. No merchant shall distribute, trade, sell, or offer for sale or trade within this

18 state any article represented as being made by American Indians unless the article is an

19 authentic American Indian art or craft. All such articles purporting to be of silver shall

20 be made of coin or sterling silver.

21 3. Any merchant who knowingly and willfully tags or labels any article as being an

22 American Indian art or craft when it does not meet the specifications of this section shall

23 be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars and not more than two hundred

24 dollars, to imprisonment for not less than thirty days and not more than ninety days, or to

25 both such fine and imprisonment.