Calendar of Events 

Essence of the Plains-

We Have Suddenly came into caring for our latest granddaughter (for the present) at the beginning of this month (October 2023).  At this very moment she is just over 2 weeks old and much to young to be out during our fall schedule .  So it came down to priorities, and at this second this means we will not be out vending for the fall season.  We will of course be out again coming into spring again,  this gives us a chance to Give our Granddaughter our full attention.  Kathy will still have her radio show (Essence of the Tribes 88.1 KDHX, or kdhx.org if not in St. Louis) on Tuesday nIghts.  We also still have our Square store up and running if you wish to purchase .  ( Click here for our Square Store),  We'd like to  Thank everyone for supporting our store and can't wait to get back out  this next Spring :)

We do have our sprays and candles, Soaps, bath bombs, Bizzy fizzies, and Body Butters, on our store listing ( Essence of the Plains store)

Essence of the Tribes-  

7pm to 9pm Tuesday nights , 88.1 kdhx fm, or live stream - Kdhx homepage.  You can also hear her show 24/7 on archives - Essence of the Tribes archived shows

Along with Kathy's Tuesday night show "Essence of the Tribes" , KiowaKat fills in as DJ when needed on Kiowa Talk Radio which starts at 9am, Kathy comes in at 10:15 with the music section.  Live streamed on 

New Country 98.5 (Located in Lawton Oklahoma)

Then suggested to stay tuned for Indian for Indians radio show directly following Kiowa Talk Radio

 ( be sure to tune into Essence of the Tribes every Tuesday night at 7pm cst to 9 pm.)