Essence of the Tribes - with Kathy (Kiowakat) Dickerson

News Flash - Essence of the Tribes will be moving to Tuesday Nights 7pm to 9pm starting on August 10th 2021

My Radio program is dedicated to the music of the American Indians, both traditional and contemporary. Unless specified (which has only happened once in over 2 years), All music on my show is performed by Federally recognized American Indian tribal citizens.

I will be posting traditional and contemporary videos, along with news that pertains to American Indians. I hope you all will share your experiences and thoughts here, and be sure to tune into 88.1 kdhx on Sunday Mornings 5am-7am cst. Or if this is a bit early, or you are out of the area, you can always go to and listen to the show streamed live, along with finding 2 weeks of the show always on the archives , which you can listen to any time day or night.

Ok, enough with the carrying on. Time for some music. Let's do this!!!!

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On the 10th of August 2021 Kathy's Show "Essence of the Tribes" will be moving to Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9pm . Hope you all will tune in and welcome her to the new day and time :)

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