Essence of the Plains

American Indian arts and crafts, created by Kathy Dickerson and other Federally recognized American Indian Artists

Kathy is an accomplished Kiowa Artist and has made a company to bring her arts and crafts  along with other American Indian artists works to the public.  You will find leather work, beadwork,  jewelry, drawings, greeting cards, cups , and much more.  

We also carry Kathy's exclusive line of Sprays and candles which capture the essence of the plants, Cedar, Sage, Smudge spritz (blend), Buffalo Grass (aka Sweet grass) , and NDN Perfume.)  used by American Indian tribal members across America

Kathy's TikTok - click- Kathy on TikTok.  Compliments Kathy's Company Essence of the Plains, along with her radio show- Essence of the Tribes

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Essence of the Plains Scents, 

Made by a Kiowa Tribal Citizen, LLC, MBE/WBE

Sprays and Soy Candles

Cedaring, Smudge Spritz, Sweat Lodge Sage, Buffalo Grass, NDN perfume (fresh)

In each bottle, Kathy has captured the essence of the plants American Indians use, based with witch hazel into each of my Sprays and Candles. These multi-purpose sprays, diffuser ready and candles scents will bring back memories, memories I have known all my life, botanicals that American Indians use, whether it be from celebrations, ceremonies, or just personal praying times, these aromas are calming, relaxing, will bring you back, ground you. Spray to be danced in, not a localized spray. Skin contact is ok (Witch hazel is an astringent).


·      Cedaring: Protection

·      Smudge Spritz: Protection and Dispel Negative Energy

·      Sweat Lodge: Positivity

·      Buffalo Grass: Sacred, Dispel Negative Energy

·      NDN (Indian) Perfume (fresh): Protection, also used as a smell good, made into (potpourri sachets) fresh means freshly picked.


We would also like to thank the Stores and Museums that carry Kathy's Line of American Indian Essential Sprays  and candles. 

Native Traditions Gallery-  We are happy to now have Native Traditions Gallery on Historic Main Street St. Charles (located 310 South Main Street), carrying my sprays and candles .  (They specialize in Native American and Wildlife Artwork and authentic Native American jewelry. )

Kiowa Tribe Gift shop -  We are blessed and honored to announce the Kiowa Tribe Gift Shop is now carrying our line of Sprays and Candles.  ( Kiowa Tribe Gift Shop is your one-stop shop for Native-made and Native-themed gifts. We offer original works as well as limited prints by Native American artists, along with handmade jewelry and supplies for artisans working on their own projects. Our storefront is located inside the Kiowa Tribe Complex at 100 Kiowa Way in Carnegie, Oklahoma. )

Green Earth Art Company- Hand crafted decorative art in concrete and cement.  Curtis and Tim have created a wonderful art studio and retail shop right off of Cherokee street on Iowa Ave.   Green Earth Art Company's  shop is full of their amazing art and craftworks, along with many other artists contributions they have found and added to their shop.  Well worth visiting .

Missouri History Museum Gift shop- The Missouri History Museum in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri, showcases Missouri history. It is operated by the Missouri Historical Society, which was founded in 1866. The main galleries of the museum are free through a public subsidy by the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District.