Congratulations to Kathy for obtaining her Kiowa language and culture teacher certificate from the Kiowa Tribe July 23rd 2022 :) 

Spring has brought back the ultimate Farmers Market experience.  If you   haven't been to the  Tower Grove Farmers Market. you just don't know what your missing.  With a festival like atmosphere every Saturday Morning (8:00am- 12:30pm) .  Imagine going to the grocery store and purchasing your items directly from some of the finest local farmers and ranchers in our area.  This is only  the beginning of the fun at Tower Grove.  After groceries, enjoy all the  awesome food and drinks available while looking over the top ranked arts and crafts spread through the walkways. 

Essence of the Plains will be there every Saturday  for the foreseeable future (We have our baby granddaughter with us, so keeping out of town travel to a minimum at the moment) , though check back on a up coming local event we can't wait to announce.    Hope to see you all out there, be sure to stop by and say hi :) 

Along with Kathy's Tuesday night show "Essence of the Tribes" , KiowaKat fills in when needed on  Kiowa Talk Radio (98.5 KACO)which starts at 9am, Kathy comes in at 10:15  every other weekend (Kathy will be on this weekend , May 25th 2024)., with the music section.  Live streamed on 

New Country 98.5 (Located in Lawton Oklahoma)

Then suggested to stay tuned for Indian for Indians radio show directly following Kiowa Talk Radio

Still hungry for more American Indian music?  Sundays 6pm to 8pm- Beyond Bows and Arrows program on 89.3fm KNON Radio.  Located in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area.  the show is streamed live- Beyond Bows and Arrows live stream

Be sure to check up on our 2024 schedule  There are upcoming  festivals and powwows  that Should be great amounts of fun for all :)

When near St. Charles, Be sure to travel down Historic Main street and stop in at Native Traditions Gallery (310 South Main Street, St. Charles).  They carry a very nice selection of American Indian Art and Jewelry and ,we are most thankful to them for now carrying our Sprays and soon our candles.  

We are honored to announce that the Kiowa Tribe Giftshop is now carrying Essence of the Plains  line of sprays and candles .  


Kathy (KiowaKat) Dickerson, Kiowa  Artist,  Demonstrator, On Air Personality, Radio Programmer, Lecturer, American Indian Consultant, activist, and much more.  Click here for more about Kathy 

   This  page  is new and very much under construction (3-10-2021)We are bringing all of Kathy's groups and information links and info to one main site.  We are hoping to make this more interactive with everyone,  hold discussions and bring news and more gathered under this site.  Thanks for stopping in and please check back often as we will soon have much more to offer here.

 Meanwhile be sure to check Kathy's Facebook groups out along with her online square store (up and still being added too) , Links below

   Essence of the Tribes page-  This is to Kathy's show which airs on 88.1 KDHX every Tuesday night at 7pm cst

Essence of the Plains Facebook Page- Kathy created an  American Indian owned business,  (llc, mbe/wbe) Which deals in Federally recognized American Indian Arts and  Crafts from Kathy and other Artists across the U.S. This helps bring authentic American Indian arts to the public. 

Essence of the Plains online store-

The Sprays and candles are now available online,  more of our merchandise will be added to this page  shortly.- 

  American Indian Educational Resources of St. Louis. - 1974 American Indians/Tribal citizens residing in St Louis had opened a place called The American Indian Cultural Center designated for all tribal citizens to gather in this community, 2004 the doors of the American Indian Center closed, Since 2005, We have gathered talented American Indians to do demonstrations, lectures, Craft classes, or helping other organizations with American Indian activities. We feel we can cover most request that should arise in the St. Louis and surrounding Metro area. We are promoting our American Indian Artist, Performers in and for the St. Louis community.

  This facebook group is for any and all that have an interest in American Indians. events will be placed here along with Discussions on American Indian subjects.

Department of  Interior  requested the use of Kathy's  Boots photo for one of their 2021 ads- 

U.S.  Department of Interior / Indian Arts and Crafts Board's listing of Federally recognized Indian artists in  Missouri-